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We host websites. You can create and maintain your website or we can help you in with it. We understand first the amount of storage space and computing capacity you need.









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We understand the size of your business, and your technical expertise and resources and hosting plan depends on your needs.

Uptime Guarantee

We assure 99.9% uptime. We follow industry standard and maintain our SLA. We host on best-in-class hardware, expert support, and round-the-clock availability. We keep the lights on and helps ensure things run smoothly.

Secure Backups

We help with physical backup of a server and a digital backup of your files, so if something goes wrong, you can restore a previous version of your website. Backups happen every day and they are important. We do not compromise.

Safe & Secure

We understand what can lead to compromised data. We have all network protocols for log-in access. We include a complimentary SSL certificate in our hosting package. Did you know that search engines are labeling websites without SSL as insecure?

Dedicated Support

Are you wondering what kinds of technical support are available and how long we take for usual response time to a chat query or phone call? We have a great support to assist you remotely. We never leave our customers unattended.

Your Options

Best options for small businesses

First we sit with you to do your homework to ensure that the tools and templates that we provide enable you to create a website that looks the way you want it to look and offers the capabilities you want to offer visitors.

Determine your website goal. We will drill down the right plan.

Book a call with us. We ensure, no roller-coaster ride.

We recommend hosting plan based on the discussion

We build the server for you and surprisingly affordable.

We guide you how to connect with a domain or do it for you.

You are ready with your server to begin an online journey.

File Management

Safe and Secure Web Hosting & Backups

Safe Website

SSL Certificate indicates that all communication and data is encrypted as it passes browser to website’s server.

Secure Website

“Not Secure” or “Website Not Secure”. Never enter your password or credit card number on sites with this warning.


There are many backup tools which are available which will backup all the elements of your website.


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We have many years of IT experience and all our solutions are aligned with the needs of our customers. We ensure high standard of services and to the best offer on the market.

Easy Setup

Digital Hosting in your region

If you are not happy with your current service provider and thinking of changing, we can migrate your website to our hosting servers, fix any problems and get you on the right path.

High quality, business grade Australian based

Your Virtual Private Server Hosting

We do it all - all the way through

Fast, secure, reliable vital to your business

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Customer Testimonials

I wanted to express my extreme satisfaction with the level of customer service I received. I use Learn Digital Way for hosting my web site. I feel that Frika is in good hands, not only for the knowledge which Learn Digital Way has but more importantly, the customer service and attention to detail. I recommend it to everyone I can. Thanks for being a part of my web experience.

Alies Bol

Business Owner, Frika

Learn Digital Way did a wonderful job in helping me with getting me started with WordPress web hosting.  I picked Learn Digital Way because it was well reviewed, referred and they proved that reputation correct. I look forward to continued great service with Learn Digital Way.


Business Owner, Rodile Hair Restoration

Satisfaction Guaranteed

24/7 Support

You can contact us whenever you need us. We adopt new tools and technolgies to improve your business productivity.

Guarantee more than a promise

All our customers believe in our service. Learn Digital way is honest and transparent. We know that you will love our webhosting service. We have 99.9% uptime.

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With our 24+ IT experience, our expertise consistently offer best-of-breed technology to meet your business needs