Cyber Secure Your Digital Documents

SharePoint, a web-based collaboration and document management platform developed by Microsoft, includes several security features to help protect data and ensure the security of the platform. SharePoint provides a range of tools and capabilities to enhance security.



SharePoint supports encryption at various levels. Data transmitted between clients and the SharePoint server can be secured using HTTPS (SSL/TLS) encryption. Additionally, SharePoint provides the option for encrypting sensitive data within databases, protecting it from unauthorized access if the underlying storage is compromised.

Privacy and Security

SharePoint offers robust security and access control features, which can be important who need to protect sensitive information. It allows for setting permissions and restrictions on who can access and modify documents, ensuring privacy and confidentiality.

Flexible and Remote Work

SharePoint allows for remote access and collaboration on documents, which can be particularly valuable who may need to work from home or have flexible work arrangements. It enables them to access files, contribute to projects, and collaborate with colleagues from any location with internet access.

Document & Info Management

SharePoint provides a centralised platform for storing, organizing, and managing documents, making it easier to keep track of important family-related information such as medical records, school documents, household expenses, and schedules. It enables efficient document sharing ensuring everyone has access to the latest information.


Productivity Improvements

SharePoint can enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and improve collaboration. It can simplify document management, centralize information, automate processes, and reduce time spent searching for files or duplicating work

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