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Helping your child to read and write which is important in their everyday life.

Learn Digital Way is a perfect place for those who are looking for organised lessons. We fulfill learning requirements for each stage.


It helps your child’s early learning – the most important stage of learning.


Focus on developing mathematical undersatanding reasoning and problem-solving


It helps to know their environment. They explore and observe differently.

Physical Education

It gives knowledge, skills and attitudes to lead healthy, active and fulfilling lives.

Creative Arts

Opportunities to explore creativity in visual arts, music, drama and dance.


Moral principles, values and a concept of right or wrong for individuals and society.


Identify different purposes of Technology, develop and evaluate designed solutions. 

Human Society

Opportunity to explore and learn to participate in society as responsible and active citizen.

Easy As 1…2…3…

Children progress at their own speed from scribbling to drawing and experiment with the shapes of letters, numbers and reach till the fully formed words. Through our worksheets, children develop muscles in thier small hands. It builds your child’s skills and confidence. Simply involve your child every day by assigning them activity of their development area.

Free Worksheets

We have many popular and useful worksheets to help parents understand and be active participants in their child’s learning.

Premium Worksheets

There are many organised skill-based lessons to ensure your child develops core skills  in that required area.

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